this is my story, this is my song…

I am a California girl–born and raised.  I was lucky enough to marry my high school sweetheart, and we are in the process of living out our happily ever after – and yes, it is just like the fairytales promise it will be. 😉 We have lived in Delaware and Las Vegas, and we currently live in the Dominican Republic.

I am a missionary spouse.  My family has the privilege to serve in the Dominican Republic for the LCMS – the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod.  My husband is the business manager for the Latin America and Caribbean Region. This is not what I planned for my life, but His plans are better than mine.  How God moved us here is a pretty cool story which I plan on sharing with you one day.

California is a State of MindI am a mom. I have two beautiful girls each born in different states and with different personalities.  We lost our third daughter at 24 weeks in the womb.  This derailed my life, spirit, and family.  I am slowly learning how to grieve and am watching God pick us back up and put us back together.  This pain is still fresh and new.  I have two beautiful girls here on earth with me and one beautiful girl waiting for me in heaven.

I am a preschool teacher.  Well, I am not currently teaching preschool (except to my four-year-old), but after teaching preschool for the better part of a decade, it’s still who I am, and I will always refer to the bathroom as the potty, believe in brain breaks even for adults, and remind almost everyone to wash their hands.

I am a student of lettering.  I enjoy beautifying everyday objects and life with fancy letters and meaningful words. Lettering became my hobby when we first moved to the D.R. and my therapy during my grieving process.  I am always excited to share my latest projects with everyone.

A few of my passions include: COFFEE, Christian music, studying Scripture, the mountains (and God moved me to an island…), writing, Gilmore Girls, essential oils, learning, and my family.

I feel it important to note:  I am possibly the worst housewife that has ever existed.  I am bad at all things housewife-related.  The cooking, the cleaning, the knowing how things function and work, and the understanding how different things get paid.  Friends, I was bad at all of this in the States when I had many modern conveniences to help me… now I try to figure it all out without many of those conveniences.  Let’s just say some days I have victories; some days I do not.

Last, but the most important part of me:  I am a poor, miserable sinner.  I need a Savior.  I am thankful that my salvation is not anything I had to do or earn.  Jesus Christ paid for my salvation with His life. I live each day as a sinner who has been forgiven and redeemed.  Yes, I am a poor miserable sinner, but I am also a baptized daughter of the King.  

…praising  MY SAVIOR all the day long.