25 Things This Mom Wants INSTEAD of Breakfast In Bed

Dear Children,

My birthday is coming up and before you decide you want to make me breakfast in bed, I thought we should clear something up.  Most moms do not want breakfast in bed.  I am not even sure where this idea started in the first place. Breakfast in bed usually makes a mess (from the kitchen all the way up to my bedroom – and oh how this will bring in the ants). On my birthday or on Mother’s Day, I really do not want to clean up a mess.  I am pretty sure all moms would like a day off from cleaning messes.

Also, I am not a big eat-breakfast-right-away person.  I am more of a sip-coffee-in-silence person and eat later.  So eating breakfast in bed does not appeal to this mom on several levels.  And to follow the art of gift-giving, you should always strive to give a gift that the receiver would want.

But you want to make me breakfast in bed. That tells me that you have an amazing heart that longs to serve others, and I love that about you.  So this year, I came up with a list of 25 ways you could celebrate me instead of bringing me breakfast in bed.  Pick one or pick a few.  

  1.     Clean your room – don’t roll your eyes at me.  Nothing makes me happier in the middle of the day than walking down the hall and seeing a clean room through the crack in your door.  When you have a clean room, it makes me feel like I am doing something right as a mom.
  2.     Let me sleep in – Oh, how I miss sleep!   Ever since you bounced into my life nine years ago, sleeping in is a rare treasure.
  3.     Draw me a picture – show me your talents and skills. Draw our family or something you love.  Take your time and use all the colors.  I love watching you develop your artistic skills and treasure your art throughout the years.
  4.     Play a game with your sister – without complaining or whining or squabbling.  Play nicely.  Laugh together.  Have fun.  Let me hear your kind words to each other from the next room.
  5.     Give me some quiet time – I have hobbies and pastimes that I rarely get to enjoy in the midst of Mommy-ing and housework.  Letting me have some quiet time to read, write, or draw is truly a gift.
  6.     Do something kind for someone else – help Daddy, offer to play with the little kids of one of our friends, offer to help our neighbor with their chores.  Share kindness with others.
  7.     Read a book – I know you love to do this anyway.  Reading is so great for you!  You learn so much when you read.  I love that you are a reader.  Read to your sister, too.  Help her sound out the small words in her book.  Share with her, your love of reading.
  8.     Write me a letter – I love to read your writing.  I love to see your penmanship develop as you get older.  I love to read the way you organize your thoughts.  I will keep this letter forever because as your mom I know how quickly these days will fly by and your thoughts and ideas and penmanship will continue to grow.
  9. Write your grandparents a letter – it is hard for them that we are so far away.  It makes them smile, and it makes me happy to know that you can still have a relationship with them even though the miles between us are so many.
  10. Clean up the playroom – I know, I know.  The playroom is such an overwhelming task but it makes me happy to see it organized.  I am also much more likely to let your friends come over in the future when the playroom is neat and the toys are put away.
  11. Make yourself breakfast – help your sister make breakfast.  I have taught you important skills.  Making your own breakfast is one of them.  Do that without needing me and you can also achieve #2 in the same act of kindness.
  12. Play me a song – you love music.  I love that you love music.  I love to see you practice at the piano or recorder.  I love to see you put time and effort into developing skills.  I would love to hear a song for my birthday.
  13. Give me a whole day without complaining – is that possible?  I bet you could do it.  It might take you some extra thought but I bet you would be able to go the whole day without being negative.
  14. Empty the trash – all the trash.  Don’t stop with the kitchen.  Empty the bathroom trash, too!  And the bedrooms!   Take it all the way to the outside trash can.  Make it disappear from my sight.  I think I would be much happier if I didn’t see trash at all on my birthday.
  15. Memorize a Bible verse – write it on the tablet of your heart.  I love to hear you recite God’s Word and watch you read the Bible.
  16. Sort through your toys – you know how I say put your toys away in the RIGHT spots.  I know you don’t always do this.  I know there are dolls in the box of Legos.   I know there are game pieces in the puzzles.  Sort through your toys and put them all back in their correct spots.  Order makes me smile.
  17. Clean up your clothes – actually fold your laundry and put the clothes all the way in the drawer.  You know, so it doesn’t look like your drawers are throwing up shirts and pajamas.  It would be great to walk by your room and see your drawers closed without clothes peeking out.
  18. Put together a give-away bag – go through some of your toys, clothes, and shoes.  Find the items you don’t play with anymore or the ones you have outgrown.  Put them in a bag and let’s give it to someone who would be able to use them.
  19. Give me a whole day without arguing – this is possible, too.  I know you can do it.  No comparing life with your sister.   Life isn’t fair anyway, so no need to point it out and get upset about it.  Your sister got the United States placemat before you did? That is great for her.  Tell her you think so.  Your sister wants to ride bikes, and you want to play Legos–maybe you can do both or just play separately.  I am sure for one day you can solve all your problems with kind words and cooperation.
  20. Clean your desk – get it ready for work to be done.  A clean desk provides a better workspace and allows for more concentration and productivity (look it up).  Clear off the entire top; don’t just push papers to the side.  Clean underneath it.  Stack your books nicely on the shelves.  Remember how much I love organized spaces!
  21. Sweep the patio – I know it is not your fault that life is dirty and things like the patio just get dusty and filled with leaves.  But help out the family and sweep it just because you are kind and want to be helpful.
  22. Clean out the car – Oh, is this a big one, and unlike #21, this one is probably your mess.  It especially gets bad when you find that two-week old juice box that your father bought you.  I know it stinks, but if you think so, you should have cleaned the car back when you were just two years old and found your milk cup that rolled under the seat from who-knows-when.  But again, it’s a job that needs to get done and it will make me happy if I don’t have to do it.
  23. Flush the toilet – can you do this all year?  If I never have to remind you of this again, I will be overjoyed!  Why don’t you remember this on your own?  It doesn’t matter, but can you start remembering now?
  24. Write me a story – just like your letters and drawing, I love your imagination and creativity.  I love to hear your thoughts and dreams.  Write them down.  Dream up a character and a place and write them down so I can treasure it forever.
  25. Give me a hug and tell me you love me – there is no better gift on my birthday than your love!

I love you my dearest children!  Thank you for thinking of me on my birthday.  Thank you for wanting to serve me.  Thank you also for taking direction and serving me in a way I want to be served.

You are growing up to be kind and generous young ladies, and I can’t wait to see how God is going to use you in this world.

Love always and forever,



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  1. Beautiful, as always. I love your musings. So thoughtful and humorous and real. God Bless YOU on your birthday!

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